Thursday, 15 April 2010

* Your Never Too Old.........

Had a call from a chap yesterday asking me to "fix" his notebook computer. It was a little slow particularly when browsing the net and he wasn't happy about the screen resolution.....the fonts were too large. So I picked it up from his house, did the necessary and returned it to him today. He invited me in to look at a porcelain figure of his pet terrier of which he was very proud.

He then mentioned in addition to the notebook he had a desktop PC as well which he mainly used for writing letters and emails but preferred his notebook for surfing the net. I told him that all was well with his notebook now although I found it heavy to carry compared to most because it was a high end widescreen Toshiba. He showed me out and through his garden, up steps to where he had put a newly purchased Magnolia. I had guessed his age to be a fit 70, perhaps slightly less as he didn't wear glasses, had no hearing aids I could see and walked well without a stick.

As he shut the gate behind me and bade me farewell, he added he was 93 years young and going strong !. I didn't doubt it.

Take note those who say they're too old to learn how to use a computer !!.